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Luxury Hotels

* Park Hyatt Goa
* IC The Grand Resort
* Kenilworth Resort
* Majorda Beach Resort
* Caravela Beach Resort
* Cidade De Goa
* Holiday Inn Resort
* The Leela Palace
* Fort Aguada Resort
* Taj Exotica
* Bogmallo Beach Resort
* Goa Marriott Resort
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Deluxe Hotels

* The Majestic Goa
* Sonesta Inns
* Bambolim Beach Resort
* Days Inn Resorts
* Dona Sylvia
* Hotel Goan Heritage
* Haathi Mahal Resorts
* Highland Beach Resort
* Nizmar Resort
* Whispering Palms
* Taj Holiday Village
* Coconut Grove
* Victor Exotica
* Nanu Resort
* Sun Village
* Phoenix Park Inn
* Old Anchor
* Siolim House
* Club Mahindra
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Economy Hotels

* Alor Holiday Resort
* Hotel Delmon
* Ronil Beach Resort
* Dona Alcina Resort
* Dom Francisco Resorts
* Hotel Dona Terezinha
* William's Beach Retreat
* Hotel Manvin's Panjim
* Hotel Park Plaza Panjim
* Horizon Beach Resort
* Laguna Anjuna
* Prainha Resort
* Lagoa Azul
* Ronil Royale
* Villa Bomfim
* Hotel Villa Sol
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 Luxury Hotels in Goa

 Deluxe Hotels in Goa

 Economy Hotels in Goa

 Park Hyatt Goa
 IC The Grand Resort
 Kenilworth Resort
 Majorda Beach Resort
 Caravela Beach Resort
 Cidade De Goa
 Holiday Inn Resort
 The Leela Palace
 Fort Aguada Resort
 Taj Exotica
 Bogmallo Beach Resort
 Goa Marriott Resort
 The Majestic Goa
 Sonesta Inns
 Bambolim Beach Resort
 Days Inn Resorts
 Dona Sylvia
 Hotel Goan Heritage
 Haathi Mahal Resorts
 Highland Beach Resort
 Nizmar Resort
 Whispering Palms
 Taj Holiday Village
 Coconut Grove
 Victor Exotica
 Nanu Resort
 Sun Village
 Phoenix Park Inn
 Old Anchor
 Siolim House
 Club Mahindra
 Alor Holiday Resort
 Hotel Delmon
 Ronil Beach Resort
 Dona Alcina Resort
 Dom Francisco Resorts
 Hotel Dona Terezinha
 William's Beach Retreat
 Hotel Manvin's Panjim
 Hotel Park Plaza Panjim
 Horizon Beach Resort
 Laguna Anjuna
 Prainha Resort
 Lagoa Azul
 Ronil Royale
 Villa Bomfim
 Hotel Villa Sol

Goa - the Pearl of Orient

In Goa the most famous sea side resorts in India. Goa has always been an attraction for the tourists, who want to be close to the sea, sand and enjoy sun. In the 60's Goa was among the most frequented places in India. The hippies thronged the place. With them came a culture of careless, unbounded life style. Today all this has changed. Instead of the hippies, one spots serious tourists who come to enjoy the beaches and colourful culture of Goa. Today the beach parties might be small but they are more lively and have much more fun to offer than the 'stoned' parties during the hippy trails of the past.


The history of Goa dates back to the 3rd century when it was part of the Mauryan empire. Then it came under the rule of the Satavahanas of Kolhapur. It changed hands with the Chalukyas of Badami. Goa was also ruled by the Shilharas and Kadambas. In 1312 Goa for the first time fell into the hands of the Muslim rulers when Harihara of the Vijayanagar Empire evacuated the coastal area. Goa for the Vijayanagar was an important port to carry out trade with the west via the Arabian Sea. In 1469 Bahami Sultans of Gulbarga captured Goa. Then came Adil Shahis' of Bijapur from whom the Portuguese took over in 1510. Goa is blessed with natural harbor's and ports which were ideal for the seafaring Portuguese. They needed this place to control the spice trade to Europe and the Middle East. Initially the occupation was limited to a small area around the present day Goa. But Slowly the Turks were driven out of the area and Portuguese captured a large area and hence gained a good hold over the spice trade from the East. Goa become the Viceregal seat of administration for the Eastern colony of the Portuguese. The Marathas nearly occupied Goa from the Portuguese in the 18th century. During the Napoleonic wars Britishers had a brief occupation of Goa otherwise the Portuguese were masters of Goa till 1961 when they were finally driven out. Goa has Hindu population in majority but the life style and culture of the place has so developed that skirt dominates the saree.


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Goans seems to thrive on festivities. In a year, approximately nine months are devoted to celebrations .
Goa Carnival
Shigmo (Holi)



And who can forget Feni, the locally brewed liquor which is popular as much among the tourist as it is among the locals. In 1542 came St. Francis Xavier, a Jesuit Missionary. Once Christianity came to the place many churches were built and till date they are famous for their designs and architecture. But the main attraction of Goa is its soft golden beaches. These beaches still awash with budget travelers of all ages and degrees of affluence. Not only foreigners Goa is also attracting an ever increasing number of Indians from out side Goa.


Feni - the National Drink, Seafood, chicken Xacuti, Pork Vindaloo, Fish and Prawn Caldine, Richado and a number of others are the ingredients that make Goa a gourment's paradise. The beaches and adjoining villages are full with tiny hotels and restaurants, run by the locals. Following list provides some options.

Alfama : Located at Cidade de Goa Beach Resort. Serves Indian, Portuguese and French Cuisine. Rs 300 to RS 350 is what may cost a full meal per person.

Banyan Tree : Located at Boga, Serves Goan and Portughese dishes. A full meal per person will cost around RS 300

Chit Chat : Location - Tourist Hotel, overlooking Mandovi river, famous for its breakfast.

Dekhani : Location - Cidade de Goa Beach Resort, Vainguinim Beach, famous for its Goan food. Average cost for a full meal is RS 300 (approx).

Delhi Darbar : Location - M G Road, famous for its tandoori items.

Goenchin : Location - Near Dr Dada Vaidya Road, serves Chinese cuisine only, cost ranges from RS 100 to RS 200 for a dish.

Miramar : Location - Cidade de Goa Beach Resort. A buffet restaurant multicuisine, about RS 350 for a meal.

New Cafe Hema : Location - General Beruado Guedes Road, near Municipal Market. A cheap but very good option. A fish, curry with rice thali comes for about RS 20 only. Veg snacks also available.

Planter's Restaurant : Location - Candolim Road, Junction (Tinto), Calangute . Famed for its snooker tables, pub and "steaks".

Riorico : Location - Hotel Mandovi, a multicuisine restaurant and perhaps the best option for Goan cuisine. Prices varies from RS 175 (for Prawn vindaloo) to RS 675 (for Lobster Balchao)

Sher-I-Punjab : Location - Hotel Arama and one at 18th June Road. For tandoori items.

Hotel Venite : Location - 31st January Road, Sao Tome, closed on Sundays. For Goan dishes and seafood. Chourisso (Chicken cafrial) and tiger prawns are its specialties.

Visava : Location - on the east bank of Ourem river. Known for reasonably priced Goan dishes along with Chinese and vegetarian items.

Furtados Beach Shack : Benaulim Beach, very good food.

Do visit "Pastry Cottage" near the hotel Nova Goa.

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* Archaeological Museum and Portrait Gallery : Located in Old Goa, museum on history of Goa, Visiting hours 10 am to 5 PM, Friday closed
* Archieves Museum of Goa : Located at Patto, Panaji, Visiting hours 1 pm and 1400 to 1730 hrs, Saturday closed
* Museum of Christian Art, Rachol : Located in Old Goa, Visiting hours 930 to 5 PM, Monday closed
* Renaissance Art Gallery : Located at Panaji, Visiting hours 930 - 5 PM


You can buy gifts, sourenir and handicrafts from all over the country in Goa. Be it Tibetan Jewellery, gems, fur coats, ready to use powdered masalas, home made taddy vinegar (Kokum) or port wine, you can get them throughout the length and breadth of the state.

* Comelot : near Ribandar, for stylish interiors
* Luisa : in cavellosim, South Goa
* Wendell Rodricks : a famous boutique
* Mapusa Friday Market : for touristy knick knacks, kokum, taddy vinegar, black jaggery, dried fish, prawns. Goan chilies (must buy), coarse sea salt etc etc.

Beaches of Goa, Goa beaches, Goa Food, Goa History, Goa Museums and Art Galleries, Shopping in Goa, Goa Access, stay options in goa, wild life in goa, Goa churches, Goa river cruises, Vasco de gama goa, Anjuna goa, Arambol goa, Places to Visit goa, Benaulim, Chandor, Chapora, Daman, Diu, Dudhsagar, Waterfalls, Fort Aguada & Condolim, Mapusa, Margao, Ponda, Vasco de gama, Anjuna, Arambol, Chapora, Bogmalo, Calanqute, carnivalRiver Cruises

* Sunset Cruise : one hour - Fare RS 100 (approx)
* Sundown Cruise : one hour - Fare RS 150 (approx)
* Exciting Evening Cruise : one hour cruise including fold dances and live music - Fare RS 150 (approx)
* Delightful Dolphon Cruise : Half day cruise - Fare RS 1500-1800 (approx)
* Breathtaking Backwater Crocodile Cruise : Full day cruise - RS 1500 (approx)


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